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We offer these Landscaping services below:

With more than a decade experience in landscaping we offer a complete solution for all your landscaping needs. We do planning, design, and full installation. View our Gallery to see our work! Lodricks Landscaping also offer maintenance plans for your garden.

Compost and lawn dressing

Keep your garden in tip top shape with our soil products:

Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed in a process called composting. Adding compost to your soil is essential for healthy plants as well as sustainable food production. Compost is one of nature’s best mulches and soil amendments. Gardeners know the value of this rich, dark, earthy material in improving the soil and creating a healthy environment for plants. We supply high quality Compost delivered to your door.

Lawn dressing
Lawn dressing helps a lawn back to health. Its function is to add nutrients and organic materials to the soil. Lawn dressing restores the natural balance of the soil structure as well as aiding in the treatment and prevention of diseases and pests. We supply high quality Lawn dressing delivered to your door.

Let our experts help you in choosing the right lawn for your garden.
Types of grass we supply and plant:

Kikuyu The most affordable and hardy grass for domestic use, Kikuyu is a fast grower which requires sunlight. Kikuyu must be mowed every week to ensure it stays in tip-top condition because you don’t want to wait until it is too long.

LM grass LM grass can be planted in the semi-shade and sunny side of your garden but is very sensitive to frost if it is planted in the open. LM Grass is great for planting under trees where nothing will grow.

Evergreen All Seasons Evergreen. Evergreen is a mixture of summer and winter growing grasses to maintain a better cover all year round.

Garden Edging

Edging is the perfect finishing touch to your garden beds. Edging also serves a practical use – it’s an effective way of keeping grass and weeds from growing into your flower beds and it will help keep the soil and mulch in your garden from washing away.

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